Ronan O'Shea

Ronan O'Shea is a freelance journalist, copy-writer and sub-editor. Click here to view his portfolio and to find contact information.

United Kingdom

Ronan J O'Shea; freelance journalist based in London with a focus on travel and lifestyle. Bylines include National Geographic Traveller, NY Post, The Independent, Lonely Planet, Escapism Magazine, The Guardian (forthcoming), Lad Bible, Hotel F&B Magazine, Talkspace and more. contact for business enquiries

Bad Bread, Good Blues

Bad Bread, Good Blues is my debut novel, available now on Amazon Kindle and Google Play – Artwork by Gary Ogden (@gogdenart)


The past is neither a foreign country, nor is it gluten-free, as a young man discovers to his detriment. 

When Ronan is made redundant from his job, he struggles to adapt to the change, developing an unhealthy obsession with the past, poring over the decisions that led him to leave behind Prague, and his lover, Jana.

Seeking both to reclaim his former life and escape from his memories, he is ultimately forced to face the domino effect of his losses in order to find hope anew. 

A searing, honest reflection on the moments that define us, Bad Bread, Good Blues is a novel about heartbreak and hope, life in a foreign land, tragically unsuccessful weekend breaks and nearly disastrous writing trips. It is about baking to stave off the blues, seeking solace in travel, and enjoying the unique characters we encounter along the way.

Written with frank honesty, Bad Bread, Good Blues explores love, life's micro-dramas, the trials we each face in our day-to-day lives, and how a nation's culture can be measured in the quality of its bread.


Available on  Amazon  and  Google Play

Available on Amazon and Google Play